Class and School Assessments

We have regular class assessments in German, English, Maths, Enquiry and French. Other smaller assessments are equally done in Art, History of Art, Music, Science and IT. This is an integral part of our programme with clear guidelines and tracking progress systems for the teachers, children and the parents, which tie into our self-evaluation and target system as well as our progress reports.

In addition to the class assessments, we run two major assessment programmes within the school and across most of the upper Primary Grades:

UK SATs From 2nd to 6th grade These are National tests in English.
Swiss Klassencockpit From 3rd grade upwards These are Cantonal tests in German and Maths.
Portfolios and Progress reports

Twice a year Parent/Teacher conferences as well as Student/ Parent/Teacher conferences will keep you informed of your child’s progress. Regular communication with the teachers is welcomed.

At the end of each semester you receive a detailed progress report with teacher comments under each area of learning as well as the child’s grades.

Children are equally encouraged throughout the year to self-reflect on their learning and their learning skills. An academic portfolio is created at the end of the school year for each child as well as a creative portfolio of their yearly work. These are memorable keepsakes for parents reflecting on their child’s progress over an academic year.

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