Early Years

Early Years Curriculum at Tandem IMS

The Early Years Curriculum is centered around the needs of each individual child to discover and develop their curiosity.  We therefore provide a safe and secure environment for each child to explore their world through their senses.  There are precise objectives in several areas of learning, which will guide the teacher to develop the small child's skills in a caring and holistic manner.  Parent-Teacher conferences are an ideal opportunity to discuss the individual needs of the children, set new objectives and help find continuity between home and school as the children achieve those early childhood milestones.

Both English and German are always present in the early years rooms to immerse the children naturally in both languages.

Main areas of learning for the Early Years:

  1. Communication, Language and Literacy Development
  2. Mathematical Development
  3. Creative Development
  4. Health and Physical Development
  5. Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  6. Knowledge and Understanding of the World

For all other additional curricula activities and offers for the Early Years, please go to "Multilingual Curriculum".
  Early Years 1 Early Years 2 Early Years 3
Age range 6 to 18 months 18 months to 3 years 2 to 3 years
Group size Max 8 children 8 to 11 children 8 to 11 children
Teachers per group 1-2 teachers / 1-2 assistants 1 teacher / 1 assistant 1 teacher / 1 assistant
Minimum attendance 2 full days 2 full days 2 full days
Curriculum Explore senses Explore senses Explore senses
School location Uetikon & Zollikon Uetikon & Zollikon Zurich Seefeld

"Uns gefällt, dass selbst die kleinsten mehreren Sprachen ausgesetzt sind".

(Eltern von Elias, 6 Monate)

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