For grade 5 & 6 children there will be an increasing focus on subject knowledge inline with canton Zurich in Maths and German in order to prepare for the Gymi-examinations, which take place during the month of March of the 6th year of Primary School. Only children wishing to sit these exams will do so. Children aiming for an International School entry or other schools will be prepared accordingly.

Our teachers have experience in preparing children for the Gymnasium entrance examinations. Children participate in the course, which substitutes regular lessons Additional non-compulsory times during which the German teacher is available for one-to-one feedback and correction of work moments with a child, to check the additional homework or clarify a point, are also on offer.

In the early Autumn, each 6th grade child, and their parents, will have a personalized discussion for orientation and recommendations with the teachers for the ideal next school placement.

You may click on the following link to see the “After Tandem IMS” document with our partner schools.

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