Kindergarten Curriculum at Tandem IMS

The children in kindergarten delve deeper into their themed topics using Enquiry Based Learning where they investigate, explore and make predictions about their topics. The children are given daily opportunities to discuss topics, role-play, and create stories to share in different languages.

Kindergarten children spend half of each day immersed in both languages (G/E) simultaneously (both language teachers being present in the classroom) with the other half of each day with one of their teachers and an assistant to do more specialised activities (gym, art, music etc.). They are also given the option to begin French on Fridays.

Kindergarten children develop their social and emotional skills and are encouraged to actively reflect on their uses and choices of languages, as well as to notice the similarities and differences between them.

They are introduced to reading and writing in their stronger language whilst building vocabulary and confidence in the second language. Most children end their kindergarten years at Tandem IMS with a solid foundation in literacy skills and are ready to take on the challenge of reading and writing in two languages in first grade.

The children are also introduced to numbers, the number system and basic mathematical concepts during their kindergarten years to prepare them for the beginning of primary school.

For all other additional curricula activities and offers for the Kindergarten, please go to "Multilingual Curriculum".

  Kindergarten 1 Kindergarten 2
Age range 4 to 5 years 5 to 6 years
Group size Max. 21 children Max. 21 children
Teachers per class* 1-2 teachers 1-2 teachers
Minimum attendance

3.5 days (Mon - Thu,

Wed afternoon off)

French Friday optional

4 full days

(Mon - Thu)

French Friday optional

Curriculum Zürcher Lehrplan & Units of Enquiry Zürcher Lehrplan & Units of Enquiry
School location Zurich Seefeld Zurich Seefeld
* Additional young teacher assistants are available on the Kindergarten floor throughout the week, especially for gym, excursions, lunchtime, special activities etc.
"When our school bus driver says he will get the bus "key", I always think of my garden tree in Japan..."

(Eizo, 5 years - "Ki" means "tree" in Japanese)

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