Pre-School Curriculum at Tandem IMS

The Pre-School programme introduces children to Enquiry Based Learning. With this method, children choose topics to learn by asking questions based upon a broad given theme. With English and German teachers on the group each day, the children are encouraged to ask questions while they explore and investigate their world. Pre-School children also begin to play with the two languages as they begin to notice similarities and differences in the language sounds. Literacy is introduced using a UK based phonics programme.

For all other additional curricula activities and offers for the Pre-School programme, please go to "Multilingual Curriculum".

Age 3 to 4 years
Group size Maximum of 11 - 12 children per group
Adult ratio 12:2
Minimum attendance 3 full days
Curriculum Units of Enquiry
School location Uetikon, Zollikon & Zurich Seefeld

"Notre fille se met à danser lorsqu'elle entend Frère Jacques, c'est un vrai plaisir".
(Les parents de Magalie, 3 ans)

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