Extra Curricular Activities - courses

Piano Private Tuition

The Multilingual Piano School Bertova aims to help students develop their musical potential in the most creative and expressive way.  We believe that developing musical abilities and appreciation from a young age is foundation to all other subject areas; rhythm and understanding of sequences and patterns, language development and understanding of cultures, emotional understanding and more.

Violin Private Tuition

Dawn Lilgé is a professional violinist, composer, author and screenwriter, teaching at international schools since 1996, preparing students for the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music exams since 1999. Developing musical abilities and appreciation from a young age can be a foundation for all other areas of life and learning, such as language development, understanding of cultures, emotional understanding, spatial recognition and understanding of patterns and sequences, development of fine motor skills, self-awareness, expression, and more.

Chinese Mandarin Language Course

Giving children an insight into the Chinese language and culture, teaching some basic Chinese phrases and vocabulary in regard to family, numbers, animal, body and colours. The emphasis is on the oral, active language but the children will also be exposed to some basic Chinese characters. Working on a variety of fun cultural activities, the children will gain a feel for one of the oldest cultures in the world.

Lego Big Builders

Science & Technology
Lego Big Builders is a unique enrichment program for budding young engineers.  Developing children’s tactile, motor, and spacial skills while teaching science and engineering principles using K’Nex®. 

see the flyer attached for more information

Lego Challenge and Galilego

Science & Technology
The lego challenge and Galilego program uses k’nex and LEGO along with the basic principles of mathematics, science and engineering to encourage young engineers to investigate mechanical systems in a team based setting whilst promoting intuitive active learning.

Chess Club

World understanding
The Stappenmethode is a way of teaching children and adults chess, and is implemented in hundreds of schools throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Germany, France and Switzerland.  The method is accessible to all, and offers a systematic approach and easy access to the game.
Starting with the basics to allow for a quick start into the game, names of the pieces and the moves each can make.  Further to more complex elements, such as checkmate, controlling the centre, and more…

Football Club

Movement & Health
Bringing football to boys and girls in Switzerland, and accessible to all ages.  Courses are geared towards fun and learning of new skills in a challenging, but not intimidating environment. Coaches are employed from around the world bringing a mix of skills, experience, knowledge and languages.

French Club

This course is fun, dynamic and well structured with child friendly teaching methods used to prepare children for the DELF examinations. DELF diplomas are internationally recognised certificates for French language skills. They are used as a benchmark in a number of situations and are valuable for your child’s future.
French club is run by the friendly and experienced French teacher Amaia Areitio, with over 6 years teaching experience, she has a proven track record in successfully helping International students to confidently pass the DELF examinations.


Movement & Health
Designed for 3 - 7 year olds, to actively promote a healthy lifestyle and a passion for fitness from a young age.
With opportunities both indoors and outdoors, this course teaches sports skills and personal care techniques to support your child’s future development. Looking at a wide range of sporting activities, team work and the importance of positive lifestyle choices.

Rhythmical Gymnastics

Movement & Health
Liena Gubareva has been working in Zurich for 25 years as an athletics instructor for ice-skating, gymnastics, acrobatics, tennis and hockey. She has since incorporated in her work a collaboration with private schools to offer young children a step into the exciting world of gymnastics, sports, acrobatics and choreography. Challenging the children physically and listening to their current interests, this club aims to give children a step into the world of gymnastics, opening the door for many sporting opportunities in the future such as figure skating, tennis, ice hockey, sports gymnastics, athletics and more.

STEAM Techlabs

Science & Technology
No matter where their future takes them, today’s kids will undoubtedly benefit from early exposure to programming. As they are growing up surrounded by digital technology, it’s important that they obtain the right skills and knowledge to help them successfully navigate and compete in our digital world. This introductory course gives your child a head start!

Kids Musical Theatre

Broadway is calling…delve into drama techniques, role play, improvisation, ensemble games, singing, dancing, acting and more. This course is taught by Jo Postma, Canadian/Dutch practitioner with over 16 years teaching experience, she welcomes any emerging or experienced theatre enthusiast into her classes.

Robo Lego

Science & Technology
Available for children attending 3rd* to 6th of Grade Primary. This Lego course is designed to teach advanced Lego skills with software programming.
Providing the children with theoretical and practical application of mechanical and software engineering, Robo Lego® helps children to think in (software) algorithms and to write programming codes.  Each week the children will further these concepts using MacBooks and LegoWeDo®.

*for 3rd to 6th grade Primary

Arts and Crafts

Offering additional artistic skills and methods to the areas covered in the curriculum. This club is carefully planned towards the children’s current abilities and experiences.  
Allowing for the children to consolidate and practice artistic methods, experience new media and techniques, and to learn about artistic cultural scenes through the years.
A time designated for the children to explore their creative side.

Ballet Class

Movement & Health

The ballet classes are delivered through a nurturing approach which helps children to develop:

  • coordination
  • flexibility
  • creativity
  • positive body awareness
  • self esteem

Gymnastics and Acrobatics

Movement & Health

Liena Gubareva has been working in Zurich for 25 years as an athletics instructor for ice-skating, gymnastics, acrobatics, tennis and hockey. She has since incorporated in her work a collaboration with private schools to offer young children a step into the exciting world of gymnastics, sports, acrobatics and choreography.

The club will be held in Freies Gymnasium, Gym Hall. A g
reat opportunity for your child to have access to a professional gym with specialist equipment!

Digital Video Club

Science & Technology
This course will immerse children into the world of interviews, silent movies, reporting, storytelling, documentires, game shows and music videos. They will film, direct and edit using tablets and specialist software.


Movement & Health
Designed for toddlers and children to actively promote a healthy lifestyle and a passion for fitness from a young age. Playball ‘I Can Do’ and ‘Watch Me Play’ are specifically targeted towards children from 2.5 - 4 years of age.

Soccer Holiday Camp

Movement & Health
Teaching skills in football, teamwork, strategy, and the joy of keeping physically fit. A week of football lessons, mini tournaments, and the growth of oneself. A holiday camp for both boys and girls of all ages from Kindergarten to Primary. Drop off and pick up at the football pitch directly.

Equine Camp Z├╝rich

Movement & Health
Pony Akademie offers a very special camp at their well established, family run riding centre, Located next to the Uteliberg. With a large outdoor riding arena as well as pretty woodland trails it provides the perfect setting for children to be immersed into the world of horses. Supervised transport to the stables is available. Drop off and pick up point is Tandem Seefeld.  *Limited spaces*

Kindercity Exploration Camp

Science & Technology
A week of fun and adventure at Kindercity in Volketswil! Your child will experience a vast array of activities carefully designed to suit their age and development phase. With teaching and support throughout, the children will work on mini projects, discovery programmes, experimental sessions, and more.

Including transport supervision. Drop-off and pick-up at Zurich HB.

Tandem's Summer Camp

Movement & Health
This camp is a wonderful way for your child to kick start the summer. It is a multi- activty camp aimed to provide stimulating and challenging activites for your child. There will also be time and space for children to relax and socialise with friends.

OCTOBER Tandem's Multi-activity Holiday Camp

Movement & Health
Tandem’s multi-activity camp is tailor made to stimulate and entertain children of all levels and abilities.

Indoor climbing, dance, basketball, literature, art, yoga, cooking, martial arts, guest visitors, surprises and more!

Football Camp

Movement & Health

This camp aims to:

- Increase confidence, independence, self-motivation and tenacity
- develop a mature attitude towards competition
- teach football skills for the individual, a team and as part of a group strategy - encourage physical fitness and joy in sports
- consider varied ball skills
- open up the world of football to both genders!

OCTOBER Tandem's History Holiday Camp

World understanding
This unique and unforgettable camp will take children on a fascinating journey through history, inspiring and cultivating enthusiasm through games, sports, activities and visits to Zürich’s kulturma and the Zoology museum. Each day will be planned by the terrific Tandem team and will be themed around an interesting period in history. Activities will be physically and mentally stimulating and tailored to the level and age of the child.

Tandem's Magical Literature Holiday Camp

World understanding
This week the Tandem team will bring your child’s favourite books to life through enchanting activities and fun surprises. Activities are tailor made according to the child’s age and level to make sure they have a terrifically magical holiday!

Tandem's Survival Skills

Science & Technology
Set your child’s imagination and adventurous spirits free!

This camp is set next to the beautiful Uteliberg, where children will be taught cool survival skills like building shelters, finding water and safely making fires with their experienced guide. In the afternoon we will go climbing, learn first aid, create woodland arts and crafts and grow our own vegetables. The week is finished with a trip to Wintertur skills park.

Science and English Camp

Science & Technology

This highly practical and educational camp, led by qualified, native English teachers, brings science to life through spectacular demonstrations and inspiring investigations. Full immersion into the English language will be promoted throughout the week with tailor made activities focusing on scientific enquiry.

FEBRUARY Winter Surprise camp

Movement & Health
An exciting multi activity camp with a variety of fun activities including cooking a 3 course meal at the Hiltl cooking academy, enjoying flying yoga in a silk hammock and making bath treats at the LUSH cosmetics shop. There will be time for daily sports, movement and lots of crafts.
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