Welcome to Tandem IMS

Dear Parents

We welcome you to Tandem International Multilingual School. We are a young and dynamic school, offering high quality bilingual and trilingual education in a warm and child-friendly environment. We welcome committed families from all around the world and offer your children the opportunity to be:

  • multidimensional
  • self-confident
  • a team player
  • an international citizen
  • environmentally vigilant
  • a creative thinker

These opportunities will open your children’s perspectives on our changing world.

If you have any questions or would like to visit one of our premises, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mission Statement

Tandem International Multilingual School strives to achieve a positive and dynamic learning climate within which diversity is celebrated and where language learning is key to encouraging open-mindedness, gaining international perspective, creative thinking and developing respect.

10 years Tandem

August 2014

Markus Assfalg

Head of the Economic Development of the Canton of Zürich, the "Wirtschaftsförderung".

Markus Assfalg officially opened the 10 year anniversary ceremony in August 2014 with a speech connecting the importance of education to the positive economic development of a city.
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