Tandem International Multilingual Curriculum (IMC)

Tandem IMS is a private international school which has been accredited by the canton of Zurich’s educational authorities. We implement the Zurich cantonal curriculum with the aim to prepare the children for the “Gymnasium” entrance examinations at the end of 6th grade leading to the best schools in Zurich. Furthermore, the Tandem International Multilingual Curriculum (Tandem IMC) is the core competitive advantage of the Tandem schools. Its structure and philosophies are equally closely related to international curricula, especially those currently in use in international schools, and uniquely implements translanguaging and enquiry based learning in its lessons. This ensures easy transfer back to the home countries’ schooling and international schools worldwide.

Tandem IMC combines elements of both the Swiss and the International programmes ('Zürcher Lehrplan', IBO: International Baccalaureate Organization’s Primary Programme, UK National Curriculum as well as the Ontario Curriculum from Canada).

The following pages will give you an insight into the curriculum and overall educational concept of each of our areas on offer.

The lessons will be taught in English and/or in German, yet both languages are a daily part of the children’s schooling. We offer the children the possibility to be immersed in both languages simultaneously (both language teachers being present in the classroom). French is already offered in Kindergarten and can be booked additionally. In Primary however, French is an integral part of the weekly schedule.

Positive effects of Enquiry Based Learning

  • Team-teaching opportunities and quality enhancement, feedback and monitoring possibilities.
  • Smaller groups, divided in two, with more individual child attention.
  • “Translanguaging” opportunities in that students actively reflect on their use of language and concept switching and share their thoughts and reflections with others. They learn to do immediate language transfers for example at primary level from presentation skills in one language to note taking in the other.

Enquiry Based Learning

Accross all grades

From our Early Years to our Primary School Children, themed enquiry topics, guided by the teachers, are additionally used to explore areas of interest and for the children to learn about the world around them. These themes will extend across all grades for example from "Living things" in Pre-School to the "Future of our planet" for our upper primary students.
Topics include

Social Studies (ie. History, Geography, Demographics)
Science (ie. Mechanics, Physics, Electronics)
Natural Sciences (ie. Biology, Environmental Studies)
Community Studies (i.e Community, Social, Family Systems)

Additional language and maths objectives

Verbal presentation skills, creative writing skills, report writing skills, observations and setting a hypothesis in both languages.

Some IT and Maths objectives will equally be reached during enquiry, which involves project work, for example for data collection methods and for presenting data with charts and graphs.

Develops the following learning skills across all age groups, the themes and topics being adapted to each level of learning:

  • The children learn to create questions of their own, they learn to investigate.
  • The children learn to use various tools for their research, and how to recognise the best information sources to obtain the answers to their question.
  • The children can explain the evidence collected, summarise it, argue its relevance and reflect on it.
  • The children can connect their investigative process to the knowledge obtained and build, develop, the next question, which is drawn from it.
  • The children can work individually or in groups. At Primary level they can write reports, prepare presentations or lead various projects in verbal and written forms in three languages (G/E/F).

Overview Offer

 Group  Age  Group size  Adult ratio  Curriculum  Min. att.  Location
 Early Years 1  0.5 to 1.5  8  8:2  Explore senses  2 days  Uetikon & Zollikon
 Early Years 2  1.5 to 3  8 to 11  11:2  Explore senses  2 days  Uetikon & Zollikon
 Early Years 3  2 to 3  8 to 11  11:2  Explore senses  2 days  Zurich Seefeld
 Pre-School  3 to 4  11 to 12  12:2  Units of Enquiry  3 days  Uetikon & Zollikon
 Kindergarten 1  4 to 5  18 to 21  21:2  Zürcher Lehrplan & Units of Enquiry  3.5 days  Zurich Seefeld
 Kindergarten 2  5 to 6  18 to 21  21:2  Zürcher Lehrplan & Units of Enquiry  4 days  Zurich Seefeld
 Primary school  6 to 12  15 to 21  21:1-2  Zürcher Lehrplan & Units of Enquiry  4.5 days  Zurich Seefeld
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