DELF Prim - Great results!

5. July 2018

Congratulations to our 30 students who participated at the DELF Prim. They passed the exam with an average of 86.5 points.

In May 2017 Tandem IMS was able to hold the first DELF Prim exam in the canton of Zurich. DELF Prim is your child's first French diploma and is aimed at children who are learning French in primary school. It constitutes the first stage in the series of DELF and DALF diplomas for French as a Foreign Language, which are recognised worldwide.

To be awarded the diploma, a minimum total of 50 points from a possible 100 must be obtained. Our 30 students all passed the exam and reached an average of 86.5 points. Senta Lüthi (12 years old) received the "prix d'excellence" for 100 out 100 points. Congratulations to all our students!

Interested in a course that prepares your child for the DELF examination? Check out our French club.

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