Covid-19 FAQs

for Early Years & Pre-School


Frequently Asked Questions for Early Years & Pre-School

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Regulations for Early Years and Pre-School

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Case Management - Suspected and Confirmed Case


Notifications regarding Covid-19 Cases —> Steps taken in case of a suspected or confirmed Covid-19 case at school (In accordance with Cantonal instructions for schools).

In the event that a pupil or staff member shows symptoms of Covid-19 while at school, the pupil or staff member in question will be removed from the group immediately and asked to contact their doctor/paediatrician.

When we receive the confirmation of a positive test, we will immediately make contact with the Contact Tracing Team. Each case is looked at individually by the authorities and they will confirm the next steps. The parents of the respective group will receive an information email that a child, staff member or guest of the group has tested positive.  This will also state whether or not classes will continue, or whether or not the authorities ask us to quarantine a group or several groups deemed to be at risk. 

The general rule is that the entire group may be quarantined if a staff member or guest in that group tests positive and in case the staff member or guest in question has had close contact of less than 1.5m without wearing a mask, or if more than one pupil in the same group tests positive within 10 days of each other. With only one child positive, normal running of classes will likely continue. In case of an entire group being put in quarantine, this group will do "home-schooling" with activity plans sent home by the class teachers. These activities will follow our curricular themes as much as possible to ensure the continuation and momentum of current learning. 

Although these are the general rules, we must point out that each case is individual and may receive differing advice and specific orders from the authorities.

Case Management - Suspected Contact


We would like to ask that all family members consider the health of everyone in their households before sending their child/children to school. If anyone in your household, or any other family and friends that you have had close contact with, start to develop Covid-19 symptoms, please keep your child at home until you know that the person has been tested and given the all clear. A reminder that even if your child appears fine, without symptoms, but they may have had contact with someone who has developed symptoms, we insist that you keep your child at home.

See also our simplified version of our sickness policy in a flowchart on our website by clicking here. If you have any questions, or are uncertain about sending your child to school, please call the office before sending your child, for advice on how to proceed.

Covid-19 Test


If it is recommended by your child's paediatrician that your child should take a Covid-19 test, we kindly ask that you inform us immediately and provide us with the result paper as soon as received, even if it is negative. Only once the negative result has been received by the school, the child may return to school. If there is a positive result, your child and family members in the same household will be placed in isolation/quarantine. You will be given a date by the authorities that you and your child/children are allowed to return to school (and work). This confirmation will also need to be supplied to the school before your child/children’s return.

In addition, as stated by the authorities, the return after quarantine will only be permitted if your child and all other persons living in the same household have been symptom free for 48 hours before the quarantine period expires.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up


The rules are put in place adhering to the guidelines from BAG and recommendations by KibeSuisse: 

  • All parents must wear a face mask when dropping off or picking up their child/children. Staff members will also wear masks. 
  • Only a limited number of parents may enter the entrance area. (Individual per location and entrance).
  • Only one parent or guardian is granted access for each drop-off and pick-up.
  • Non-Tandem siblings and any other accompanying people are not allowed inside.

Parents are only allowed into the entrance areas of the schools. No access to the classrooms.

Adults have to disinfect their hands upon entering the entrance area.

Children will have to wash hands before going into the classrooms.

Adults have to maintain a 1.5 m meter distance from each other at all times whether inside any of the Tandem premises or outside.

The drop-off and pick-up should be kept as short as possible to allow other parents access and to avoid a gathering of waiting parents.

If there is anything to be discussed in regards to your child’s day, please do arrange for a phone call so personal contact can be kept to a minimum.

Food and Birthday Cakes


Children will not be allowed to share food and drinks or to bring their own snacks from home into the school. Breakfast purchased at a bakery or other shop, which are in the original packaging, are allowed. Sadly, on a child's birthday we will not be able to give out any homemade cakes or cookies.  If it is your child's birthday, we kindly ask that you discuss with your child's class teacher about buying something to share which comes in sealed packaging.

Group Structure


During the day, the children are in their respective groups. 

During Day Care and for lunch and nap/quiet time we will try to keep the children separated into their regular groups as far as school logistics allow.

Health Declaration: confirmed by all parents


The below Health Declaration was confirmed by our parents before sending their child to school and continues to be confirmed by new starting families.


With this Health Declaration, you confirm that you will only send your child to school under the following conditions: 

My child and all other persons living in our household have no symptoms of Covid-19:
• sore throat
• persistent cough
• shortness of breath
• chest pain
• fever (37.9 degrees or higher)
• loss of sense of smell and/or taste
• body aches

Our child has not knowingly been in contact with a person who has Covid-19 symptoms.

No member of our family, or a person whom our family has been in contact with, is planning to take a Covid-19 test or awaiting a Covid-19 test result due to symptoms.

Hygiene: General Measures


The following government rules regarding conduct and hygiene apply:

  • Keep your distance - at least 1.5 meters between adults
  • Wash/disinfect hands thoroughly and regularly
  • Avoid handshakes 
  • Cough and sneeze in a handkerchief or the crook of your arm 
  • Stay at home when symptoms of sickness appear

The children will continue to learn to implement these rules on an age appropriate level.

Hygiene: Hands


All children and staff must wash their hands regularly with soap and water, i.e. on arrival at school in the morning, before and after snack/lunch, after going to the bathroom, before and after activities and playtime, and when returning to Tandem IMS from outside time. 


Liquid soap dispensers and paper towels are available at all wash basins in the school. Children must not use these disinfectants. In general, thorough hand washing is more effective than the use of disinfectants.

Hygiene: Cleaning


Surfaces, electrical switches, window and door handles, handrails, washbasins, toilet bowls, keyboards, etc. must be cleaned regularly (at least once a day).

Cleaning agents are provided in every room so that surfaces, handles etc. can be cleaned at any time if necessary. 

At the end of the day, the teachers, trainees and apprentices will be responsible for the disinfecting of communal areas - handrails, door handles etc. Teachers are asked to ensure that before leaving the school that the tables, main surfaces, door and window handles are disinfected with the provided disinfectant.


Bins with lids are in each classroom.  Waste bins for used paper towels and tissues are emptied daily. 

Hygiene: Face Masks / Ventilation


Face Masks - Usage

Parents who come onto our school premises (also outside) must wear a face mask while dropping off or picking up their child/children. Entrance into the classrooms is not yet permitted.

Our staff will continue to wear a face mask when they are in the school building and are working directly with the children. Staff members can remove their masks when outside with the children and maintaining a distance of 1.5m to other adults.


Face Masks - Requirements
Medical face masks (auch «chirurgische Masken», «OP-Masken» oder «Hygienemasken») must be certified according to the EN 14683 norm and must be CE marked as they are medical products.


Textile Masks / Community Masks must fulfil the minimal requirements of the Swiss National Covid-19 Science Task Force for Community Masks. They must be certified accordingly.
  • having a label from TESTEX or SQTS
  • “Hinweis «SNR 30000» der Schweizerischen Normen-Vereinigung (SNV)”
Certification requirements: SQTS or TESTEX or “SNR 30000” by SNV



All rooms will be ventilated regularly and extensively, and the classrooms should be ventilated regularly every hour by opening the windows.

Parent Queries


If you have any questions or concerns, we kindly ask parents to please contact the school office or class teachers via email or phone. The school office should only be visited with an appointment. Any administrative forms may be handed over to the teachers at drop-off or pick-up or dropped in our Tandem IMS mailbox.

Returning from Abroad


Children/families returning from an area or country which requires them to remain in quarantine must do so.  Even if a negative test result is produced after arrival back in Switzerland, the full quarantine period (normally 10 days) must be completed before a child can return to school.  A link with further information and a list of areas requiring quarantine on return to Switzerland can be found here.

Settling In


Parents who are helping their child to settle-in are allowed into the classroom. Social distancing must be adhered to by parents with other adults as well as children in the respective groups. Parents must wear a face mask. 

School Events and Excursions


Parents will be informed closer to an event whether an event may take place and what we will organise.

Excursions will be allowed to take place, though each one will be specifically risk assessed with measures implemented to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

Sickness Policy

Non-negotiable under any circumstances


Children with the following Coronavirus symptoms: 

  • sore throat
  • persistent cough
  • shortness of breath
  • chest pain
  • fever (38.2 °C or higher)
  • loss of sense of smell and/or taste
  • body aches

are required to stay at home and parents are to contact their child's paediatrician. Additionally, if a child showing any of the above-mentioned symptoms has a sibling at the school, we also insist that the sibling/s is/are kept at home.

If the child takes a Coronavirus test and receives a negative result, they will be able to return to school as soon as they have been symptom-free for 24 hours. Please submit the negative result to the school office immediately.

For other illnesses, including: fever (38.2°C or higher), vomiting and diarrhoea, children must be symptom-free for 24 hours before returning to school. Children who are ill at school will have their parents called and the child must be collected within 30 minutes.  

If any children, or their direct family members, test positive for Covid-19, the school must be informed immediately. The Contact Tracing will then be informed by Tandem IMS to assess the situation and to decide any necessary measures for the school.


Social Distancing


A distance of 1.5 meters must always be maintained between adults. Among children, the distance rules cannot be fully observed, but from Pre-School age, the children will be encouraged to not get too close to their teachers and peers. 

  • Parents must maintain a 1.5 meter distance between each other and the school's staff.
  • In the entrance areas, please do keep your child/children separate from other children from other groups.

Toys and Personal Belongings


Besides a change of clothes, appropriate clothing for outside, water bottle and slippers, we kindly ask that no toys or personal belongings are brought in other than a comforter/Nuschi for sleep or quiet time.