early years & pre-School kindergarten & primary
Autumn Holiday Calendar Week 42 Calendar Weeks 41-42
Christmas Holidays 2 weeks over Christmas/New Year 2 weeks over Christmas/New Year
Sport Holidays Calendar Week 7 Calendar Weeks 7-8
Spring Holidays Calendar Week 17 Calendar Weeks 17-18 (week 16 & 17 if Easter Monday is in week 16)
Summer Holidays Calendar Weeks 29-33 Calendar Weeks 29-33

During the two 'Christmas Holiday' weeks and 'Summer Holiday' weeks 30 & 31, Tandem IMS is completely closed and there is no care available. During the other weeks, there is generally either Holiday Care or Holiday Camp on offer, depending on the age group. Additional closed days during a school year: public holidays and 4-5 training days for staff.