Baby sign language

Would you like to know what babies are thinking when they’re not yet able to speak? You can find out, with baby signing – and it’s fascinating.

By giving them a means to communicate, you’ll also be relieving their frustration: when they want to tell you so much but are not physically ready to be able to talk about it. Baby signing is revolutionary and can make a huge difference to both the communication levels and happiness levels of your child. Babies are able to manipulate and control their hands long before they’re able to say words. Using even just a few simple signs and gestures with babies can help them to express their interests, wants or needs.

Research has shown that using signs can help develop your baby’s overall language skills. Babies taught sign language gain great confidence from their early communication, with many making early first attempts at initial speech sounds. Baby signs also alleviate their frustration and avoids the need for the baby to be totally dependent on pointing or crying to communicate their needs. Using signs will help to boost your baby’s self esteem and will enrich interactions between your child and their carer. Signs can also benefit older children, helping to increase their understanding and expression of language. It’s inclusive for all children and, best of all, it’s great fun to sign.

Our nursery team was trained, and individually assessed by TinyTalk, to use a range of everyday signs with the children who attend our nursery on a day-to-day basis, helping your child to communicate their needs to yourselves and the nursery team.

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