Our new logo

After 10 years, we have asked ourselves if our school logo still represents who we are. After taking a look at how we have grown and developed, we decided it was time for an update.

Where we started

15 years ago, Tandem Bilingual Pre-School was founded by Sonya Maechler-Dent. The name “Tandem” was inspired by the fulfilling experience a child can gain through interaction between different languages and cultures. Our first logo was then designed to represent our bilingual Pre-School in Uetikon am See. This logo stayed when our Pre-School and Kindergarten were opened in Zollikon and Zurich in 2006.

In 2010, when our Primary School opened in Zurich; it was not only time for a new logo but also a new name. Tandem Bilingual Pre-School became Tandem International Multilingual School, or, better known as Tandem IMS.

How we’ve changed

Over the last 10 years, Tandem IMS has grown into a well-known multilingual school in the Zurich area, offering a unique concept of multilingualism (German, English and French). During these last 10 years, our philosophy has mainly stayed the same, but we have also grown and gained more experience.

We needed a new logo that reflected our history and the roots we put in place 15 years ago, while also reflecting our forward-thinking philosophy.

Behind the design

What required no discussion at all was the primary colour of our logo – our Tandem IMS green. This green is part of our DNA and represents the fresh, new ways we like to approach education, and the methods we use to prepare our children for life in the wider world.


As you can see, in our new logo, the word ‘Tandem’ was positioned in a green shape to represent a speech bubble – another symbol of our multilingualism. The space above Tandem symbolises our mission of supporting our students to grow and develop. Next to this speech bubble the words ‘International Multilingual School’ are used, giving it an additional focus on exactly who we are.

You may also have noticed that we combined the two letters “n” and “d” of Tandem. This is yet another way to symbolise our school’s philosophy of uniting languages.

We trust this logo best reflects our innovative school now, but also represents our future with regards to the further development and evolution in enhancing the education of pupils. It is for this reason that we are delighted to launch our new logo today.


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