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Carla Galley

Carla Galley
Marketing Manager
  • Digital Education - a Challenge for Parents and Schools

    Digitalisation has found its way into our everyday lives and does not stop at children's rooms and classrooms. It offers great opportunities but also carries some risks. Therefore, it is crucial to teach children responsible use of digital devices and platforms. This requires a strong collaboration between parents and schools to provide children with a solid guideline to navigate and learn to use digital devices and software safely and effectively.

  • Navigating Bilingual Parenting

    Do you know couples who speak different languages? As the world becomes increasingly globalised, many families find themselves in situations where parents speak different languages. This can create unique challenges when it comes to raising children and communicating effectively as a family. Yes, challenges - absolutely worthwhile challenges! In this blog, we share some tips so that you and your partner can have many positive experiences and gain valuable insights in bilingual parenting. Your child will benefit from the advantages of growing up bilingual and, most importantly, find joy in being able to communicate in two languages.

  • Meet our new team member «Nala», School Dog at Pre-School

    Have you ever heard of a school having a dog to help children concentrate better, to strengthen self-esteem, improve social competencies, learn empathy and encourage motivation to participate and learn? Our Pre-School teacher, Michaela, presented her concept for a «school dog» in 2021. Two years later, Nala, our Australian labradoodle school dog, has become the favourite companion in our Pre-School class.

    During this interview, Michaela gives us some insight into this adventure and the experience they have had in Pre-School.

  • Can you communicate with your baby through sign language?

    Have you heard of baby sign language? Are you wondering whether it works and if it can really improve communication with your baby? Our teachers at Tandem IMS have been consistently using baby sign language in our early years and pre-school groups for several years and they confirm it makes a big difference. Therefore, we would like to explain how baby sign language works, what benefits it brings, and how you can introduce and use it at home.


    Being in a lockdown situation is tough, but even more so for your child who is familiar with a routine in their everyday life when at school. Likewise, you most likely have a daily schedule and pattern.  While you have no control of other people’s actions right now, you can make sure that you maintain a structure at home which is essential for both you and your child. Having a routine in place, will help keep you sane. Here are some tips for your daily routine:

  • Our new logo

    After 10 years, we have asked ourselves if our school logo still represents who we are. After taking a look at how we have grown and developed, we decided it was time for an update.