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Do you know couples who speak different languages? As the world becomes increasingly globalised, many families find themselves in situations where parents speak different languages. This can create unique challenges when it comes to raising children and communicating effectively as a family. Yes, ch...

19 Jun 2023

Have you ever heard of a school having a dog to help children concentrate better, to strengthen self-esteem, improve social competencies, learn empathy and encourage motivation to participate and learn? Our Pre-School teacher, Michaela, presented her concept for a «school dog» in 2021. Two years lat...

31 Jan 2023

Have you heard of baby sign language? Are you wondering whether it works and if it can really improve communication with your baby? Our teachers at Tandem IMS have been consistently using baby sign language in our early years and pre-school groups for several years and they confirm it makes a big di...

16 Nov 2020

Being in a lockdown situation is tough, but even more so for your child who is familiar with a routine in their everyday life when at school. Likewise, you most likely have a daily schedule and pattern. While you have no control of other people’s actions right now, you can make sure that you maintai...

27 Mar 2020

After 10 years, we have asked ourselves if our school logo still represents who we are. After taking a look at how we have grown and developed, we decided it was time for an update.

06 Dec 2019
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