Since Covid-19 pandemic forced schools to close and children to learn from home, the idea of returning to a ‘normal’ life has been on everyone’s mind. As one of the first steps, children will return to school in the coming days and weeks. While being excited about this prospect, parents and children...

30 Apr 2020

Unstructured and unscheduled free time will be something that most children will face during the lockdown phase of the Coronavirus pandemic. It is impossible to keep children occupied at all times and boredom can set in. Many children will find this a stark contrast compared to their previous struct...

03 Apr 2020

Being in a lockdown situation is tough, but even more so for your child who is familiar with a routine in their everyday life when at school. Likewise, you most likely have a daily schedule and pattern. While you have no control of other people’s actions right now, you can make sure that you maintai...

27 Mar 2020
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