An exciting new chapter: the Tandem IMS Gymnasium

At Tandem IMS, we pride ourselves on constantly breaking new ground in education and creating innovative opportunities for our students. Therefore, we are excited to announce the latest chapter in our educational journey  - the opening of the Tandem IMS Gymnasium (grammar school) in Küsnacht starting in August 2025. This exciting project offers a unique opportunity for language and thought enthusiasts to embark on the path to obtaining their Matura.

Our founder, Sonya Maechler-Dent, describes the Gymnasium as a place where outstanding education is provided and broad thinking and social responsibility are fostered: «Our school is distinguished by a high success rate in admission to the Gymnasium after the 6th grade. At the same time, we also aim to promote broad thinking and social responsibility at the Gymnasium level.»


Our Gymnasium is divided into Progymi and Kurzgymi. The Progymi, an alternative to the Langgymnasium, is aimed at pupils at high secondary A level and offers an examination-free transition to the Kurzgymnasium. In addition to promoting new languages, the Gymnasium focuses on subjects such as Design Technology and Humanitarian Studies. These subjects are designed to prepare our students for future-oriented and sustainable careers by combining creativity and technology, for example in product design, architecture or environmental engineering. Learn more about the curriculum.

A special feature of the Tandem IMS Gymnasium is the preparation for a bilingual Matura in German/English or German/French. In the future, we also aim to prepare students for a Matura in French/English.


Our excellent reputation for promoting modern languages from primary school speaks for itself! German, English and French are taught and experienced at a high academic level. Our strength lies in conveying our passion for languages in a dynamic and interactive way, with a focus on cultural exchange and communication skills.

At Tandem IMS, we believe in a holistic approach to education that promotes student-centred learning, collaboration and critical and creative thinking skills. Our students are not only prepared for academic challenges but also for their role in society. Through projects and partnerships with universities and companies, we offer them the opportunity to test and expand their skills in real-life situations.


The Tandem IMS Gymnasium in Küsnacht is a leap into the future. Here, students not only receive a first-class education but also have the opportunity to develop personally and socially to actively shape the world of tomorrow. The picturesque location close to the lake and Küsnachter Horn provides an ideal environment to foster their holistic development and fully utilise their abilities and talents.

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Internal students who can demonstrate a corresponding grade average, as well as proven motivation to learn and work and work motivation, ethics, and social engagement, have the opportunity for examination-free admission to the Progymi or Short Gymnasium.

External students undergo a written examination in March and hold a detailed conversation with the school management. In addition, our students should be able to demonstrate their motivation and/or experience for our specific gymnasium topics during the interview.

pre-registration is possible

Would you like to secure a place for your child at our grammar school? We are pleased that you can pre-register your child for the Progymi or Kurzgymi today. You can find the corresponding form under this  Link.


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